Dior Homme Summer 2015 collection


you’re not looking for anyone right now
but how many more uses
can we invent out of the excuses
that “I’m sorry… we should just be friends”
times are tough
things are rough
all of those apologies that made us feel
like we were never beautiful enough
when beautiful is all we ever wanted to be

I would chop down my own family tree
to make paper and write out
a hundred different poems
explaining how beautiful you are to me
like your skin is where silkworms gather
to understand things like softness

you know I could go on
but I’ve been aboard that friend ship
for so long that I’m seasick and vomiting
over the edge while dreaming of mutiny
we live our lives under the scrutiny of a world
that rewards confidence over eloquence
but if uncertainty is the only thing keeping us apart
I want to hop that fence
strip you down to your confusions
and spend all night making…
sense to you

because if we’re not waiting


- Shake Koyczan (via rarararambles)

(via wisewordsofkoyczan)


California Coast, Big Sur. 

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Galerie Vivienne was built in 1823 by Marchoux, who was President of the Chamber of Notaries. It retains its original function as a covered street for shops and cafes. In its design, architect Francois Jean Delannoy adopted a neo-classical Pompeian style. Its grand mosaics are signed by Giandomenico Facchina who also decorated the Opera Garnier. 

Behind the Scenes of On the Run
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